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Singles stick together!
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Welcome to singles_lament, inspired by a conversation about how us single people should have a place to whine/complain/chat, whatever!

Whether you're newly single, or have been single for awhile, single by choice, or not, come on in!

We are NOT a place to pick up people, if you want to meet people,ask to friend them and get to know them on your own terms, but this is not your bar, or what have you.

So welcome! Feel free to fill out and post this survey so we can all get to know each other!

Please don't feel that you have to answer all of these questions, if you're uncomfortable using your real name, use your username, and if you don't want to share your age or location you don't have to, as an alternative you could put an age range or just a general location (eg: Ontario, Canada or USA.) :)

Where ya from?
What's the best part of being single for you?
And the worst?
Got a single Song you love?