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Just joined, wanted to introduce myself

Hi there! I just stumbled upon this community, so I thought I would do the quick little intro. Here's me!

name: David (or Dave)
age: 33
Where ya from? Los Angeles, CA
What's the best part of being single for you? Not being nagged about my workaholic tendencies
And the worst? You know those moments when you're drifting off to sleep, and you reach across the bed to find ... nothing? Those.
Got a single Song you love? Perfectly Lonely - John Mayer


Hi everyone

Today is my 36th birthday and it got me wondering:

How many people on singles_lament are thritysomethings like me?

Let me know if you are out there.

Love and marriage???

Tiger Woods
David Letterman
Jesse James
David Boreanaz
Ronan Keating

And that's only the ones we know about.........

ANother great reason to be single - no chance of experiencing the public humiliation of infidelity!
name: stephanie (nick name luna)
age: 26
Where ya from? houston, tx
What's the best part of being single for you? i have a little time for myself after class and work.
And the worst? i miss someone who the best friend i ever had.

Got a single Song you love? single by natasha bedingfield

i would love to find other singles in my area so we can have fun being single together. (basically i get sick of hanging out with my friends who obsess over being in a relationship)

Mod Post :)

Hi everyone! Welcome to singles_lament...Sorry for my lack of contribution, but I won't bore you with my excuses.

It's fall and I'm single again (after two brief relationships this spring/summer) and I'm so excited to announce we now have 14 members!!! Awesome how this community started out with two people and is slowly building up!

Welcome to all the newbies and welcome again to the oldies :)

I've changed our layout (the hearts and daisies were killing me), I wanted something mature and simple that could more or less apply to everyone. Which, I think this one does...that is unless you have some moral objection to blue and yellow and orange ;)

Okay, enough of my blabbing, I want to open up the floor for discussion. What do you guys want out of this community? Thoughts for the day? Discussion Points? Whining time? LOL. Tell me what you'd like to see happen around here .

Coffee time!


Why hello there

I just found this pace, it looks like it could be awesome if it gets back up again. I hope it can, there's so much fun to be had :D.

Anyhow...Collapse )

I'm not new to LJ, but I'm always open to talking and meeting new people :)

Where did everybody go?

Hey guys.

Nobody has posted here in a while and we need to keep this group updated. What is everyone up to? I just turned 35 and got back from holiday with one of my dearest friends in the world from Hong Kong. She ditched her husband for the trip so we could celebrate in girl style and had a fabulous time! Proof positive that being single is fabulous!

Let's get posting people. Singles Day (August 14) isn't too far away.

The joy of Saturdays

Due to the bad weather where I live I spent the whole day lounging in bed, pfaffing around on the internet and spending the day in self-indulgent luxurious boredom. Something I could never do if I were married and had a husband and children to run around after.

Just thought I'd share that with you all *8)

Living single.

Name: Ken
Age: 60
Location: Syracuse NY
Best thing: I'm probably selfish at heart, but I like to do what I want, when I want, how I want.
Worst thing: No one to help with the laundry and other chores.